Não existe maior aventura, senão aquela que nos incita a explorar as profundezas de nosso próprio Ser.
Não existe maior coragem, senão aquela que nos leva a assumir nossos erros e medos.
Não existe maior sabedoria, senão no conhecimento de sabermos quem somos.
Só com persistência, fé e verdadeiro amor poderemos cultivar a capacidade de nos abstrair de tudo o que nos é externo, permitindo assim envolvermo-nos num constante silenciar interno.

English version:

Bigger adventure does not exist, than the one that in stirs us up to explore the deepening of our purpose to be.
Bigger courage does not exist, than the one that takes us to assume our errors and fears.
Bigger wisdom does not exist, than in the knowledge to know who we are.
Only with persistence, faith and true love we will be able to cultivate the capacity of abstracting ourselves from everything there’s external, allowing us to involving in one constant internal silence.

terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017


I am the silence within the word.

I am the whole within the emptiness.

I am the atom that can be found in the water, I am in the air, and I am in the dust and in the wind.

I am in the Universe.

I am in the Creation.

I gained life in the beginning.

I will gain new life in the end.

I am all and I am nothing within everything.

I walk on earth, but I am beyond earth.

And I have been walking here so many times.

I have had so many faces.

And I had as well so many names.

But the life force from which I came from, knows me only by one name.

I am beyond all the faces I have had.

I am beyond all the names I was call upon.

I am the life and I am beyond life itself.

I am one with all that is.

I can be found within the light.

I can be found within the emptiness.

I can even be found within the dark if you may dare to look for me in there.

If you want to know who I am, look for me within your own heart.

The place where your soul sleeps wide awaken.

There, is the only place where you will recognize me.

And there, you will know the truth of who I Am.

sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017

For Those Standing Between The Light And The Dark

On 28/09/2017, I raised my thoughts to God and asked about how someone was feeling about all I was feeling and saying to him, the reply has been: “He feels like, you are slipping from his fingers.” And I truly was.

The worse that people can do is to not give the right worth and meaning to those truly loving them. Not doing what it is required from them to be done to keep love alive and lighten their lives.

If they can’t love themselves, they can’t recognize true love when seeing it.

Darkness has a purpose in this realm of life, which is to be felt, seen, understood, and then skipping it by jumping out of it, choosing consciously to be in the light. There is a reason for people to stand in the dark. Darkness feeds them, while they feed back the dark with their fears, their burned cold heart, their negativity, their toxicity. All those that stands in the darkness by own choice don’t want to grab the responsibility of being in the light.

Oh, yes. Light demands responsibility! The kind of responsibility that not all of us, will bear having. Only those who have the ability to engage, to compromise and embrace their own soul, has.

Darkness grabs your soul, giving you in this way a feeling of being free from responsibility, but this is just an illusion. All that dark does is to keep you trapped in the features of your own personality that needs to be worked. The “small” defect patterns that the soul has not yet been able to transform in the being in which it becomes when descending into this physical form, to be able of transcending illusion and limitation on being. And when you get trapped you lose the power to engage and search for all that may help you to jump out. You may find it, but you will feel like you are having a bad time to be able to free yourself. Darkness puts on you a blindfold making to be difficult to think and see with clarity, when your inner guidance becomes so blurred, that you keep doing things but where no change will be effective.

The only thing you can do is to search for the one thing or person that has made you to go there in first place. What was the triggered feeling or will that have made you enter and stay there?

In no way you have not seen the dark. You have seen it, but silently that one thing in you, have made you to believe and to want to be the savior of the day. And so full of bravery you allowed yourself to enter in the darkness, staying there enough time to lose sight of your boundaries, and feeling yourself with no strength of your own to move out from it. Darkness makes use of decoys that look shining at your glance to attract you. But, darkness has no power of its own if your choice is to not give your own power away. If you stand still and firm through that heart of yours, keeping it clear and pure enough, to keep love pouring. In there is where is the connection with your soul and therefore with God as well, if you keep it flowing and pure enough.

There is a time for solitude, when you become the hermit that seeks for the inner wisdom, needing to retire himself from the world to find his own spiritual roots. Learning how to become grounded and balanced on this earth at the same time he sets its spirit free to flight high on upper realms, where the light of love embraces him totally, and to want to return to this down earth reality, will be something difficult to not struggle with. But, hey… who doesn’t want to feel truly at home!?
For some of us, being in the dark it is like being at home... we can only love them and respect their choice, never forgetting that we have to love ourselves as well in order to be able to move away from them, if being at the dark is not our choice. If darkness is not felt being our home, we need to move on, returning to our path. The path, that can and will, lead us to our true dear home.

Keeping ourselves in their presence when knowing that there, there's no place nor ground where our soul might prevail, is the same as give allowance to become intoxicated with toxins that lives in the places where the absence of light can be clearly noticed. They start to blur your light, taking from you more than you would be willing to give, if you loved yourself enough. Even those of us that can move in the dark in the same way we can move in the light, if we stay for long in the dark, we end deprived from our ability to nourish ourselves with the light of our soul. We can become so blurred that light can’t reach us. And if without someone that may be used by God, choosing to allow himself to serve the light to bring us back, by serving to us as a bridge, to help us to return back to our natural state of being, we can end lost, without finding the access to our sense of inner direction to guide us in our way out of the dark.

God will always give you a helping hand to help you to move out from the dark. It will depend only of you to use it well and wisely. You will not do this by keeping yourself wishing and willing to bring with you someone else, this is keeping the patterns in you that needs to be solved and that will be used by the dark as a decoy to keep you trapped, and this will miscarry the helping hand given to you, and if the helping hand was given to you, it was because it was time to move on while there was still potential to recover the track into the way back to your path.
What have we done with the helping hand? What have been the choices we made? What were we willing to do to bring change? What were we willing to let go? What were we willing to embrace and let in? If you personally can’t answer any of these questions, then you should know that’s why you are still there.

Those who choose to stand in the darkness by own choice, can’t stand to move in to the light.

The Love is Light!

We may love someone immensely in such a way, but we should love ourselves too. So there’s only one choice… Choose Yourself!

If you don’t, you should stop complaining and blaming whoever may be, but only you!

There is always another chance. But that, requires change from the way you think, from the way you feel, from the way you tent to act and from the way you see yourself and to others, by becoming responsible for your own luck!

There is no responsibility being embraced, where there’s no effective action. And responsibility always requires adequate actions. So, show a little of respect to your soul and strive!

I choose to keep my integrity!

I choose to keep my heart alive!

I choose to keep my light on!

I choose the love that truly loves!

I choose myself!

domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017


I ask to my beloved higher being.
I ask to all benevolent beings of higher moral values of love and integrity.
I ask to the beloved higher being of the one that is my sacred divine companion.
I take here and now the power of my free will!
Please hear my statement!
May the strings that bound us here in the terrestrial realm serve the purpose to achieve the highest good!
I Am a being of total wholeness, complete on it's own and entire in all forms of existence.
Nothing and no one will have the power to push me down to a reality that doesn’t fit the wholeness of my entire being, not even my sacred divine counterpart!
Here I state before all of you, I am free and I am whole on my own!
May my statement be heard by all the highest members of the divine council of the entire Universe and beyond!
May the higher being of my divine counterpart give him acknowledge of my will, a decision that I make to guarantee that my higher purpose in this realm of existence, will not be shut down by influences of neediness, desires or dependencies of any sort toward him in this physical reality of our beings.
By the powers given by my birthright, I will follow my purpose on this present life on earth, and any situation, circumstance, life force energy and any other sort of influences that may not be accordingly in vibrational match with it, be it earthly, ethereal, mental, emotional, spiritual or from any other sphere, Will Be Removed and Kept Out of the reach of my circle of activity in this world and from my energetic field, as well as from the whole area of movement that my being will walk on to accomplish his higher purpose on every realm that makes part of its actions in behalf of all human live and all forms of existence beyond human.
So I state, and so it Shall Be!

Love ThySelf!

sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2017


“Yesterday I’ve told you: “If you lose what you have today, is because it was never yours to be. And tomorrow will give you a new dawn, and so will be after tomorrow, and so on...”
But then I realized, I was speaking to myself. I was trying to excuse my responsibility on the feeling of losing you… without you here that dawns to come were seeming and being felt to be so empty. Without color, no rainbow... Without Sunshine…”
In despair, I turned to myself, searching to find some wisdom that could soft the pain that was being felt.
Then I remembered a dream I had not long ago…
Why do I keep me in the “waiting room”, standing there next to others, keeping on waiting, for the choice I am the only one able to decide to make.
I was in believing that you were the one that would come, to take me from that waiting state with the fervor of your love.
But you were also there, in the same waiting room, and you could not even see me…
Oh God… how I want to cry…
My Soul, have pity of my endless self-lack of confidence on who I AM!
I keep forgetting that you are me. After all our wonderful encounters, I keep leaving you behind the door…
I don’t do it intentionally, is just the blindfold that falls down on me, and for moments I forget the existence of the strongest side of my being.
I forget to stand in front of the mirror to say “You are beautiful my wonderful being!”
I also forget to praise you with simple words like “ How courageous you are, and have always been!”
And most of the times I forget to remind myself of how profound and endlessly is your love for me…
Shame on me, for having forgotten that I used to sing my own melody…
Shame on me, for having forgotten that I used to dance while listening the singing of the birds on a lovely morning spring…
Now, I just mourn in my own pity…
Release it! RELEASE IT ALL! I listen, you saying to me…
But how? How can I release my shame, my powerless shame?
Love yourself! You replied to me… Accept all that you are! Embrace all the parts of your being! You kept saying…
But how, how can I do it?
Start by forgiving yourself!
Forgiving myself!? Hum… that’s something I would say to someone else, but have I being applying it to me…?
How many times do I listen my own inner voice?
How many times do you allow yourself to listen to your own inner voice?
Your soul is longing for your rising (ascension), as you have been longing for the kiss of your beloved.
It is one of the hardest path, but also one of the most lifting.
Incredible as it is. Painful as it is. All you will have is yourself all over the process of reuniting with the highest part of your own being. And there, you will find God in a state of permanent stillness within your being.
Strive, fight, endure, making sure you will get the best version of who you are.
Fall apart and then get up again, stronger than you have ever felted.
Leave the illusion behind, you didn’t have come here to go along with it. You came here to learn how to get rid of it.
Embrace the love within your being, because this one love is the ultimate truth of all that you are and have come here for.
Find that tiny spot of light that you have been trying to ignore, and embrace it totally.
In there, lays the answers you have been asked without even wanting to hear the answer.
All answers will be given in proper time. When you have matured enough to lay down all your defenses, breaking the wall of stubbornness. Releasing this belief that if you surrender and let go all of the control, you would lose yourself for good.
Guess what? All your being will melt in the most incredible and amazing energy of love, that you have never thought to be possible felt.
You will find yourself melting within another being, while this being will be melting within you, and this will release the God and Goddess from within out of both of you.
And for this you will not even need to have a physical reunion. All you have to do is to accept your loving nature. Listen to the smooth voice that speaks to you tenderly…
Embrace it with the most powerful love of all.
Without condition.
Without limitation.
Without judgment.
I have to let go of you, to ultimately find that you were always part of my own being. You always have been there, a constant presence.
A light beacon hidden by the mist of nebulous thoughts, standing there to remind me, that to love was my soul choice.
Not to hide from it.
Not to run from it.
But move in an outstanding dance, where the light of love sparkles in each movement.
Just to love
Just to be loved
To remember love is my true nature.
And that I can say to myself… I Love You!

terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016


Life is happening now!

You can’t have it from tomorrow, and you can’t keep it for yesterday.

Now is the moment, to live and make it happen.

You can choose to let scars from the past turning you into a no living human being too afraid to be hurt again.

You can choose to put a hold on life, expecting that one day you will have the certainty and will find all the answers that you need and desire to finally be able to live.

Certainty will be always a maybe or perhaps…

But meanwhile who are you? And what do you want from life?

Do you even know what do you want from life?

Find yourself! And during the process of finding yourself bring your heart forth. Put it in the right place where it belongs. Allow yourself to feel what he brings you to feel.

Find your way back home. But remember this: Your heart it’s your home and always has been within your reach. Find the way to bring life to your heart and you’ll be home.

Only living in the NOW, allowing your heart to express, can you feel fully alive.

Life will not wait for you to get ready.

Happiness and love is a choice you need to do.

Choose to be happy and love what you have today, because tomorrow can become too late, and those who have crossed your path bringing you love without being ask, may not be here anymore tomorrow.

To live is a choice we need to do. But only living by the heart is worth living.

Let you heart expresses through you.

Feel Alive!

Fall in Love with life!

Real life is happening Now!

There is no certainty for tomorrow, there is only the Now.

Dare to be alive, to feel, to love, to be scare if you have too.

But do it NOW!

sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

Rainbow- Temple of the king (lyrics)


For bigger that may be the darkness that for times in our life settles, there will be always someone coming into our lives that reveals being a beacon of light.

Like a ship lost in high seas, without the light of the moon nor from the stars hidden by the mist of the night, these beacons of light, brings the light of their beings to guide us safely into the shore, until we may walk on solid ground.

I’ve been blessed with the coming of several of these beautiful beings, enriching my life with the bright pure light of their hearts.

What a joy is feeling the warm welcome with which we embrace each other’s hearts, bringing the sensation of being at home warmed by a soulful love.

What a joy is to feel their essence, present in both realities, turning physical and spiritual into one.

Blessings of light and joyful love they gift us with open arms.

When we meet them, it doesn’t matter how they look like. It doesn’t matter what they have. It doesn’t matter from where they are coming from. Because from the moment we met, the only thing that really does matter it's we have found each other in a place where the lucky chances so many times seems to fade away.

From the moment we are in their presence, and every time there’s a chance of coming together, the feeling of being deeply touched within our core worth everything. So within and beyond this beacons of light strongly brings change and transformation into our lives.

So grateful I am. So blessed I feel. For each one of these beacons of light I have already encountered during my present life.

Some, returning from the past. Lives journey companions from all times.

Some, coming from faraway lands. But all felt like family bringing the taste of being at home.

So precious is each ray of light they pour on us. So precious are their beings. And so painful is the pain we feel deep inside each time we need to see them depart…

At the departure moment, goodbye should be a word to erase from our mouths saying instead: “See you later my friend!”
We can never depart. There is no way of breaking the bond that unites two brothers of Soul. We will always find each other hearts, no matter when, no matter how. Miracles happen all the time!

Beautiful hearts, how great was the pleasure felt by my being when we walked together! How honored I felt to walk by your side! Even that this may have happen for just a brief moment of time that seems to eclipse in the eternity of life…

May you never cease of being a beacon of light to all those you may find in your journey!

Thank You for being here!
Thank You for being Who You Are!
Thank You for your Love!

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016


You are the foundation that keeps this world worth of being a living place.

Every time your heart fulfills with pure love to the point it needs to start pouring it out, sharing with all around you, you are bringing balance into to the surface of this world.

In a heart full of pure love there’s no space for judgement or hate. Because a heart full of love, keeps no space for anything else that could be minor than love.

You are the keepers of all that is sacred. Of all that is divine.

The love that you hold in your heart, is the bridge God and all is troop needs to bring hope to all those that are coming after you may find space to move themselves and walk behind your footsteps with their own, making sure that others will find the same hope and keep working following the same path. A path where only love is capable of uplifts those bringing within them the seeds of unconditional love.

Sometimes you feel drained. Sometimes you feel hopeless. Sometimes you want to just give up. You question why is so hard to keep feeling your heart full of faithful love… You question why does this world ask so much from you… Remember sweet heart! This is just a temporary home, and you have come here to share your loving nature, to nurture this place of duality with the warm of your love. But you also need to never forget to nurture your own heart! Can you understand how much this world needs beings capable of just pouring their love around, accepting and embracing all that is without distinction of color, race, language, culture or nature?

And how this world needs your capability to pour love around, more than ever before…!

You're here for a reason! A very important and deep reason. Without you, this world would never have the slightest chance of prevailing, making room for others as you might find a place to share their most loving and soulful nature.

When we try to move ourselves in here, without finding any space that allows to our loving heart to shine it's light, we will feel to have the tendency to close ourselves hiding our heart and pure nature from the world. This makes us to feel weak and gain illnesses, being this the way our own inner being reacts when we are going against what we came here truly do. Finding the space where you are able to be who you are, it is the most important thing for all loving hearts to find here when they come. Our duty, your duty, is to be courageous enough to create a space of love, where others can meet you, joining you into create more widely, a loving space capable of hold and embrace more and more loving hearts. Helping those coming with the pure seed in their hearts, to a consciously awakening, giving willingly their gift to the world.

This world may seem, for times, against you, but this is your world too. Would your Soul place you here, if it was not be this the case? You are here for a very precious reason. To love and to make with that this love of yours might set free from darkness the places where you are moving in, letting the light shine wherever you go. This is your duty, loving heart. This is your legacy. This is what you have been doing from thousands and thousands of years, even if you can’t remember. Just look within your heart, it will show you the truth of who you are.

You, my loving heart… You are just what you can only be. LOVE!

Versão Portuguesa:

Vocês são a fundação que mantêm este mundo digno de ser um lugar para abrigar vida.

De toda a vez que vossos corações preenchem-se de puro amor ao ponto de não mais o puderem conter dentro de vocês, partilhando com todos em vosso redor, estão a trazer harmonia à superfície deste mundo.

Num coração preenchido de amor não existe espaço para o julgamento alheio ou ódio. Porque um coração preenchido de amor não tem espaço livre para nada que possa ser menor que o amor.

Vocês são os guardiões de tudo o que é sagrado. De tudo o que é divino.

O amor que trazes em teu coração, é a ponte de que Deus e toda a sua equipa necessitam para trazer esperança a todos aqueles que vierem depois de ti. Para que possam encontrar o espaço que necessitam para se movimentarem seguindo-te no caminho com os seus próprios passos, assegurando-se de que outros encontrarão a mesma esperança e continuarão trabalhando e trilhando o mesmo caminho. Um caminho onde apenas o amor pode levantar a moral daqueles que trazem em si a semente do amor incondicional.

Por vezes sentes-te vazio. Por vezes sentes-te desanimado. Por vezes sentes vontade de desistir. Questionas o porquê de ser tão difícil manter a sensação de um coração completamente preenchido de amor vivificante… Questionas o porquê deste mundo exigir tanto de ti… Lembra-te doce coração! Esta é apenas uma morada temporária, e tu vieste aqui para partilhar a tua essência amorosa. Para nutrir este lugar de dualidade com o calor desse teu amor. Mas, tu também precisas nutrir esse teu coração, nunca te esqueças! Poderás tu compreender o quanto este mundo necessita de seres capazes de simplesmente derramar amor à sua volta, aceitando e abraçando tudo o que existe sem fazer qualquer distinção de cor, raça, linguagem, cultura ou natureza?

E como este mundo precisa da tua capacidade de derramar amor em seu redor, muito mais do que alguma vez o foi…!
estás aqui por uma razão! Uma razão muito importante e profunda. Sem ti, este mundo jamais teria a mínima hipótese de prevalecer, abrindo espaço para que outros como tu possam encontrar um lugar para partilhar a sua mais nobre essência.

Quando tentamos nos mover aqui sem conseguir encontrar um lugar que permita ao nosso coração emitir a sua luminosidade, tendemos a fechar-nos numa concha escondendo o nosso coração e mais pura natureza deste mundo. Isto enfraquece-nos e faz-nos ganhar doenças, sendo esta a forma de nosso Ser interno reagir quando caminhamos no sentido oposto ao que aqui viemos verdadeiramente percorrer. Assim, se faz importante que possamos encontrar um lugar onde consigamos ser quem somos, sendo fundamental que todos os corações gentis o consigam encontrar quando aqui chegados. O nosso dever, o teu dever, é ser corajoso ao ponto de criar um espaço de amor, onde outros te possam encontrar, e junto de ti criarem um espaço de amor mais amplo, capaz de albergar e abraçar mais e mais corações amorosos. Ajudando aos que aqui chegam trazendo em seus corações a mais pura semente, a desperta-la conscientemente e a doar de livre e espontânea vontade a sua dádiva ao mundo.

Este mundo parecerá por demais vezes estar contra ti, mas este também é o teu mundo. Pôr-te-ia a tua alma aqui se assim não fosse verdade? Tu estás aqui por uma razão muito importante. Para amar e com esse teu amor libertar esses lugares por onde te moves da escuridão, permitindo à luz iluminar por onde quer que passes.

Este é o teu dever, doce coração. Este é o teu legado. Isto é o que tens feito por centenas e centenas de anos, ainda que não o possas recordar. Apenas olha dentro de teu coração, ele te mostrará a verdade de quem és.

Tu, meu coração amoroso… Tu és aquilo que apenas poderás ser. AMOR!

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016


Man and women have been made for each other. Life without someone to hold our hand seems for times so without flavor and color. Is not that we need the other to complete us, we are spiritual beings and has so, we are complete in ourselves. Our goal is to achieve in this life the connection with our own being and through it melt in the energy that prevails in all things. Like the drop of water that unites with the ocean of life.

But sometimes we need someone… that special person that the simple thought of his/her existence have the power to enlighten our days.  What a delight when our heart gains vivid pulses that raise us up and puts a smile in our face…
We need to love and feel loved. Love is what makes us strong. Love was what has given us life. And love is what make’s to keep working and learning. Without love only chaos can prevail. With love all becomes a possibility. Only love has the power to inspire us in good deeds, in constructive and positive actions, when being true, love inspire us to become better in whatever we are or do.

But the distorted love (similar to love but not truly love) turned us in something so far away of what we can be, when bringing more wounds and tears than smiles and warm feelings. For millenniums we kept us returning to this destructive way of living without loving us first in the believing that the other would supply us with the love we need. But that was never true. Just a fake notion of the reality we should be living here.
We need love to feed our heart of pure light and joy. But in order to have love in our lives we need to make the choice to become love, feeding our own hearts with the love of the being we are, connecting with this source of pure love, where love is not just a dream but a reality that touches us in a uplifting embrace.

But how to get there when all the roads that seems to lead us there seems so full of turmoil and sad remembering’s. We simply avoid walking on those roads. To not feel the pain, to not feel the agony, to not feel the solitude of who has been left behind. But only by feeling the pain, the agony and the solitude can we win the priceless achievement of during the path on this road, dropping all this heavy stuff that we don’t need any more to be carrying with us. Carrying on with this will only makes us feel an emptiness and heaviness that will steal our vital energy and bring a void between us and our higher self.
What if I say to you that the road ahead may be full of scars, turmoil, tears, emptiness and solitude to be felt? What if I say to you that there is no way to avoid all this to be felt because to face it will be necessary in order to be healed? Even if I cannot assure you that at the end of the road only love, fulfilment and joy will be your reward. What would you do?

In order to a love story be written, it’s need that both elements performing the story, make the choice of becoming love before the encounter of both. It is need to allow the healing, for much pain that it brings out until healing can be completely processed. It will hurt. You may feel the agony and despair in ways that will make you to give up at the first emotional wound that presents to you so vivid or even more vivid than what it has been felt when occurrences in life brought it to you at first time.
I can only tell you… no matter what, be courageous. Be strong. Choose to become free, knowing that never a storm has last forever. People will come and go. Some you will love more than others. Some connections will be strongly felted than others. Sometimes you will feel sorry when they leave. Sometimes you will feel lost. Sometimes you will feel you didn’t have enough time.  Sometimes you will feel afraid. But whatever it may be or make you feel, never leave space for regrets.

Choose to live by the laws of the heart, where love is the first and last word of the book of rules that governs it.
Is not truly in the end of the road that the reward waits for you, but the reward is in every heart that touches yours during all the way. In each step and turned corner a smile can be awaiting to get you unprepared. An opportunity to share love can be on hold. And all you have to do is to be courageous and ready to let love shine through you.

Open your arms to welcome life in all what it means to be alive. Life is a never ending learning process. Some learning will hurt you and will putt you down, but others will raise you up feeling stronger.
Love is all you need to choose. And when being love, all that comes to you can only mirroring love back to you.  True love can’t be recognizing by a face, but sole by the energy that brings to you that special touch of the Soul, and that only by that touch can be recognizable.  But to get to this point you need to face and drop all the heaviness that doesn’t allow you to be in tune with the synchronicities with which the Universe gifts us to connect us with our own Soul. The purest form of love there is.  

Having someone walking by our side is so much fun. Someone with whom we can be our truest version. Someone to love, honor and hold in our heart. Sharing the purest love we can offer from our Soul.
Love yourself first in order that nothing can prevent you from connecting with your own Soul. Be open to then, let your Soul to show you what true love is like, bringing who will love you with all his heart.

This is the love story that is worth of being lived.

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015


We always receive what we need. We only have to put us in a mode of openness and receptiveness, trusting that all is as it needs to be.

Laugh and tears are part of life. If not in this way, how would we evolve and mature?

We need to trust and be open to new realities. New possibilities and chances that will make life unfolds right before our eyes and senses, making us to feel and see what our heart longs to achieve in this life.

All answers will be given. All understanding will be achieved. Get out of your mind everytime it might be possible and place yourself inside your heart allowing that the love locked in it may come out, embracing you in the most involving and liberating love of all. The love that nurtures and liberates giving to you the freedom and joy that your soul wants you to have.